Jonathan Gooderham established his first Gallery, Jonathan Grant Gallery, in 1984. In 1989 he purchased ARTIS Gallery and moved both galleries to their current location.

Today Jonathan Grant Galleries has an expansive exhibition space at 280 Parnell Road, encompassing Jonathan Grant Gallery, ARTIS Gallery, and the Basement Gallery, a hybrid studio and exhibition space that offers clients private viewings of large scale sculptures and paintings from the stockroom.

Art gallery with paintings

What we do

Jonathan Grant Gallery specialises in British & New Zealand paintings and sculptures  dating from the 18th to the 21st century.

Jonathan Grant Gallery has been operating as a dealer gallery in Auckland, New Zealand since 1984. We assist clients to build collections that express their own individuality, providing the provenance and scholarly background to each painting, and advising on framing, hanging and all other aspects of collecting.

We pride ourselves on offering the finest quality works from our diverse stockholdings. We have helped to form important collections for both individuals and public institutions.


Upcoming Exhibition


Opening 29 June 2021

Margaret Stoddart was born at Diamond Harbour, Canterbury. She was educated at Edinburgh Girls College and on her return to New Zealand studied at the Christchurch School of Art. She soon gained a local reputation as a watercolourist.

Margaret Stoddart had a consuming passion for painting plants, both for botanical purposes and as an art form. Her numerous renditions of still life subjects show her ability as a painter. In the 1890s Margaret Stoddart was famous for her flower paintings. 

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