Alan Ingham


(1920 - 1994)

Alan Ingham was born on the 19th of August 1920 in Christchurch. He left school at 14 to begin work as a motor trimmer. After a camping trip with fellow artist Russell Clark, his love for carving began which led to his enrolment as Christchurch School of Art. In 1941, Inghams’ studies were interrupted as he was sent off to War. In 1946 he relocated to Sydney where he finished his studies at East Sydney Technical College, earning a Diploma of Fine Arts.

In 1939, Ingham began a European tour:

I’d planned my European tour by searching through my books of sculpture and finding where they are located….but constantly found other things of course, small Etruscan bronzes for example, that hadn’t been photographed or published. This opened up a whole new world to for me.”

During this time Ingham began working for Henry Moore which he did so for a few years before returning to New Zealand. In 1956, following a letter from Australian sculptor Tom Bass regarding a commission for the University of Melbourne, Ingham returned to Sydney where he settled for the remainder of his life.