Rick Lewis MBE ARA

Ireland, New Zealand

Rick Lewis MBE ARA was born in County Down, Ireland. A former professional football player, Rick turned to art after an injury side-lined his career, working for Royal Worcester. This career brought another skill to the fore, in that Rick became renowned for his sculpting and design in porcelain and bronze. He later started his own ceramic business, Hereford Bone China, which developed a reputation for producing some of the finest hand-crafted figurines in the world.

He moved the company to New Zealand in 1981 and during his years here created a kingfisher which was presented to Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their state visit in 1983. A sculpture known as the ‘Proud Kiwi’ which resides New Zealand’s Parliament building and features on New Zealand gold coins. Rick was created the bronze statues to commemorate Mark Todd’s double Olympic victory and the champion sire Sir Tristram. Lewis was awarded with a MBE and ARA for his contribution to fine art and design in New Zealand.