Jacob Love  was born in Britain and studied at the University of the West of England (BA(Hons), 2005) and Goldsmiths, University of London. His art practice spans photography, video, film, design, installation and dance, and his work deals with sex, sexuality, interior worlds, interior design, loneliness and the obsessive culture of photographic image production and consumption.

His first solo exhibition was Lone Star, Black Tar at The Lyric, Hammersmith, London, in 2007. Since then he has been shown widely, including in Paris and, in 2013, at the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York. His 2016 film piece Action Potential, which examined the entanglement of actual human bodies in the virtual world of digital communication and was developed in conjunction with Kings College London, the British Film Institute, the Wellcome Trust and no.w.here lab, was shown at the BFI Flare Festival. He also worked on a community arts project for Margate Pride 2016 funded by the Arts Council.

Love’s interest in the power of photographic images to transcend matters of representation has been examined in his series of prints, based on wallpaper patterns. His inkjet print, Blue P6MA Press, consists of a grid of images of repeated images, presented kaleidoscopically, which on closer inspection are found to consist of assemblages of parts of the male anatomy. While they are here presented as for consumption, they also provide glimpses into the interior of the alternative world occupied by those bodies.

'Blue P6MA Press', a limited edition print, by British artist Jacob Love is on display at Jonathan Grant Gallery, Auckland.

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