The Auckland Heritage Festival in Parnell

As part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, Jonathan Grant Gallery is celebrating Parnell’s heritage by exhibiting a selection of paintings depicting the area and surrounding Auckland suburbs.

The exhibition features rare 19th century watercolours, along with recent paintings of historic buildings. One exhibition highlight is ‘Killbryde’ the historic home of Sir John Logan Campbell, which is featured in two paintings in the exhibition. Built in 1881 the gracious Italiante mansion occupied a prime position in Parnell until its demolition in 1924.

The Gallery will also exhibit a selection of works by Auckland based artist Zarahn Southon. Southon has a keen interest in traditional approaches to life painting and aims to convey a level of scrutiny and sensitivity to the figure in contemporary life. He often explores allegorical themes, portraiture and still life within his painting. Also apparent are references to contemporary Classical Realism, Restructured Realism, 19th century Romanticism & Dutch Genre painting. Zarahn Southon’s works are a perfect example of how outside cultures and themes can thread together and influence our local artists.

Peter Waddell
Sir John Logan Campbell’s, Kilbryde Parnell.
Demolished in 1924

Oil on Canvas, 30,5 x 41 cm