New Limited Edition Book & Exhibition

FABLED LANDS is a new limited edition book by artist Ray Ching. Containing the artist’s own selection of paintings and drawings spanning more than 50 years, and accompanied by his own hand-scripted commentaries, this magnificent book is limited to 150 copies, each with its own individually numbered and signed bookplate.

The exhibition, displayed across both Jonathan Grant Gallery & ARTIS Gallery, will include works from the past 25 years of the artist’s career as well as a selection of new limited editions prints. 

In the 14th century it was the province of medieval  nobility to commission Books of Hours, celebrated  books of parchment or vellum, extravagantly illuminated  with each hand painted page depicting the lives of saints and in company of  suitably edifying text or prayer.  These Books of Hours were to be opened only at the eight canonical hours of the day, Matins, Vespers etc;  and where an appropriate prayer or psalm might be recited and contemplated.

The conceit of Ray Ching`s newest book, FABLED LANDS, is to mimic these fabulous and treasured volumes  by offering  paintings, fables and stories told, many of them autobiographical and where you might open at just any page you please.

The artist has taken from 50 years of studio work those paintings and drawings that have especially interested  him and has made each of the more than 500 pages of this stunning book a thing to be treasured.

In keeping with the spirit of those medieval books published before Caxton`s moveable type, Ray Ching has written out FABLED LANDS entirely by hand and in his now familiar script.

The FABLED LANDS book is now SOLD OUT.

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