Ken Kendall

Down the Hall on Saturday Night

29 June - 18 July 2021

This series of 11 unique bronze sculptures was created by Ken Kendall in the 1980’s. 

The series describes the lyrics to a New Zealand Folk song Down The Hall on  Saturday Night  written by Peter Cape in 1958.

You can listen to a performance of this song here.  Scroll down to view all of the sculptures in this series. 

 I got a new brown sports-coat,
I got a new pair of grey strides,
I got a real Kiwi haircut,
A bit off the top, an’ short back and sides

Down the Hall
Soon as I tied up the Guri

Soon as I’ve tied up me guri,
Soon as I’ve swept out the yard,
Soon as I’ve hosed down me gumboots,
I’ll be living it high and hitting it hard

I’m gonna climb onto me tractor,
Gonna belt ‘er out of the gate,
‘Cause there’s a hop on down at the hall, and
She starts sharp somewhere ’bout 1/2 past 8.

I'm Gonna Belt it Outa the Gate
Look at the shielas cutting the supper

Hey Look at the shielas cutting the supper

An’ look at the kids slidin’ over the floor

The Kids Slidin' over the Floor
Jokers Hanging Around the Door

And look at the great big bunch of jokers 
Hangin’ round the door 

They got the teacher to belt the pianner 
They got Joe from the store on the drums 
We’re as slick as the Orange in Auckland 
For whoopin’ it up, an’ makin’ things hum 

They got the Teacher to Belt the Pianner
A Schottische with the Tart from the Butchers

I had a schottische with the tart from the butcher’s

Had a waltz with the constable’s wife 

Had a Waltz with the Constable's Wife
A Beer from the Keg on the Cream-Truck

Had a beer from the keg on the cream-truck
An’ the cop had one, too, you can bet your life 

Oh, it’s great being out with the jokers 
When the jokers are sparkin’ and bright 
Yeah it’s great givin’ cheek to the sheilas
Down the hall on Saturday night 

It's Great Givin' Cheek to the Sheilas

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Ken Kendall

NEW ZEALAND (1928 – 2012)

Ken Kendall was born and raised in New Zealand. From early childhood he was deeply interested in modelling the human figure. For some years he taught art at intermediate and high schools in his home city of Auckland. In 1970 he became a professional sculptor. In the early seventies he worked exclusively in terracotta, exhibiting extensively in New Zealand, Australia and in 1973, Washington DC. In 1978, whilst on a study trip to Europe, he turned his attention to the lost wax process of bronze casting. On his return to Auckland he set up, in close association with his Dutch wife Johanna, a studio and foundry for producing his unique and limited edition bronzes.

His works are in the boardrooms of many New Zealand public companies. Permanent collections in New Zealand, Australia, America, United Kingdom and Europe display ‘Kendall’ masterworks. In April 1994 Kendall exhibited a group of bronzes in London in association with the Shakespearean Globe Theatre Trust. He believed that Shakespeare had to operate a little like a modern television scriptwriter – producing plays on demand for players at the Globe, of which he was a part owner. The exhibition was in conjunction with the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre.

In 1997 Kendall was commissioned by the Diocesan School in Auckland to do a charming life-size bronze of a young girl for the entrance hall of the Junior School. His lovely Joanna was met with such success that he was also commissioned to sculpt a bronze work of a senior girl. In 1999 he was commissioned by the Masterton City Council to do a life-size bronze of Russian Jack for its city park. His most recent commission was a life-size bronze of the Masterton founder Joseph Masters. This stands in the main street of Masterton in the Wairarapa where Ken lived until he died on 27th February 2012.