Frances Hodgkins: A Singular Artist

A Singular Artist features twelve important paintings by Frances Hodgkins dating from 1899 to 1944. The works showcase the range of styles and techniques employed by the artist over the course of her incredible career.

Frances Hodgkins (1869 – 1947) is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most renowned artists. Her works capture the spirit of an era greatly influenced by Impressionism and the beginnings of en plein air painting, Post- Impressionism, Fauvism and two World Wars. With a professional life that spanned fifty-six years, Hodgkins was one of the foremost artists of her generation. During her time in Britain she became one of the leaders of the English avant-garde movement during the 1930s and 1940s, and was one of the first New Zealand-born artists to achieve such stature.

To coincide with the opening of the exhibition Jonathan Grant Galleries has launched a new website dedicated to the life and works of Frances Hodgkins. The website brings together a unique collection of works by the artist and features compelling research into the life of one of New Zealand’s leading expatriate artists.

Frances Hodgkins
Study for Still Life, Arrangement of Jugs, circa 1937
Watercolour & gouache
46 x 61 cm

30 June – 14 July March 2016

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