A Dwelling in Aragon

Etching – with dry point & burin
22 x 34 cm
Edition LVI/75
Published 1929
Whatman Paper 1744


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Sir William Russell Flint was a Scottish artist and illustrator who was known especially for his watercolours of women. He also worked in oils, tempera and printmaking.

Sir William Flint’s works are highly sought after and the publication of limited edition prints not only fed the ever-growing demand for his work, but also cemented his reputation as an iconic twentieth century artist.

‘A Dwelling in Aragon’ 

“I took reprehensible liberties with this subject. Basically an accurate representation of a church at Miranda de Ebro which had been converted into a sort of tenement, the composition grew and grew. I began the plate as an etching, continued on it with the dry point, and finished with the burin. It developed a picturesqueness which did not deceive that master of dry point, the late Francis Dodd, R.A., as, the moment he saw the completed proof he exclaimed, “There’s no mountain there, and the town is nothing like that!’. Nevertheless, I have the effrontery to maintain that this plate remains a thing of interest, and venture to hope and believe that possessors of proofs will agree with me”.