Hills and Dam, Lake Under Clouds

Acrylic on board
60 x 77.5 cm

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Well known New Zealand artist Brent Wong was born at Otaki, near Wellington in 1945. He spent the earlier part of his life in Wellington and began to paint from the age of 16. He began with experiments in colour and abstract forms based on European models. Later, working in the studio from imagined and remembered imagery Wong developed the representational yet symbolic style of work for which he is now known. The artist has now run out of prints and we don’t have any prints avaiable.

The striking and seemingly inexplicable scenes of Brent Wong startled and enthralled a Wellington public in his first solo show of 1969. His exquisitely rendered visions soon took their hold nation-wide.

What has characterised Brent Wong’s paintings is his meticulous technique, the heightened realism of his landscapes and buildings and the monoliths and labyrinths which have become his signature. For the New Zealand public, these incredible combinations cast a familiar island country into a strange and new realisation.

‘Hills and Dam, Lake Under Clouds’ by Brent Wong on display at Jonathan Grant Gallery