Mill Reef at the National Stud in Cambridge, 1973

Oil on board
61 x 71 cm
Signed lower left
Inscribed: “Mill Reef”

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Keith Money was born in New Zealand in 1935, a child of English parents. The major part of his working life has been spent in Britain, although he has travelled extensively in the course of his career, which is that of a tri-part polymath who has had marked success in three totally different disciplines: painting, writing, and photography.

Throughout his wide-ranging career, Keith Money has painted a diverse range of subjects, and for a decade, his equestrian landscapes were sold at ‘top of the range’ prices. In the eighties, Money’s working hand was struck by a condition akin to that which affects some pianists, and his painting ceased for six years; then, almost miraculously, the hand righted itself, and Money picked up the artwork where he had left off. Noticeably, his nuance and control, now, is that of a far younger man’s. Money is renowned for his subtle skies and the great facility of brushwork in his watercolour painting, and these works are known for their distinctive atmospheric qualities. His drawings demonstrate an outstanding natural draftsmanship, which was commented on by Dame Laura Knight, when the young artist was first in London. She was fascinated by his skill, and inscribed drawings of her own, to Money, “with love and admiration.”