Still Life, Drying the Corn

Oil on canvas
50 x 60 cm

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Born in 1956, Professor Shen Ming Cun studied art at the University Art College of Guang Xi, China. Today he is senior oil painting teaching and research director and professor at Guang Xi Arts Institute, specialising in European classical painting. His paintings have come to focus on capturing, distilling and representing the unique traditions, costume and heritage of the minority tribes of Southern China. The affinity and respect that Cun has for these tribal people is clear in his works, which possess a lyrical beauty, dignity and grace. His paintings have been likened to visual poetry in their ability to communicate to the viewer a range of emotions and to draw the spectator into their worlds.

Cun captures the chromatic vibrancy of the costumes and ornate silver jewellery with a lightness and confidence that has undoubtedly led to his success. The intricate detailing of individual tribal members, their hand-made clothing, silver embellishments, earthenware and interior surroundings provides an element of the ethnographic in an attempt to preserve in paint the realities of these minority peoples. Their adornments are veritable symbols of the wealth, religion, ritual and national consciousness that shape their lives. The intimate moments that he often portrays provide an atmosphere of invitation and intrigue for the viewer. Cun credits the way in which these tribes live, their attitudes, culture and history as being the fundamental inspiration for his art.

Cun has been recognised with many national awards, and his work has been met with international acclaim and features in many private collections worldwide. He has exhibited in London, Hong Kong, China and Singapore and has also taken part in several important national exhibitions in Beijing and Hong Kong.

‘Still Life, Drying the Corn ‘ by Shen Ming Cun on display at Jonathan Grant Gallery. For more information on Cun’s paintings contact the Gallery.