Sunday Lunch at Broadway Manor

Oil on canvas
91 x 76 cm

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Born in 1965, Edward Noott studied at the Cheltenham College of Art, Trent University and State University of New York. From 1993 Edward has held solo shows in England and has since been exhibiting in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Edward has exhibited consistently at the Royal Institute of Painters in Oils, the Royal Birmingham Society of painters and also the Royal West of England Academy. His solo exhibitions have been well received both in England and America, with exhibitions in Broadway, Worcestershire, Bristol, Naples and New Jersey.

Working extensively in oil paints, Edward is able to build up a rich, textured, tactile surface, where sunlight is caught and refracted off the ridges of paint. The brushstrokes of the artist’s brush are clearly visible in all Noott’s work, as the thick trails of paint inscribe his signature over the canvas. Despite the broad sweeping brushwork, an extraordinary degree of detail is harnessed within the painting as Edward expertly records the play of light in both outside settings and interior spaces. The paintings reveal an exquisitely perceptive sense of modelling, leading to a harmonious juxtaposition between the loose, expressive brushwork and the intricate detailing of form. Noott’s canvases display antique pieces of silver that sparkle, crystal wine glasses that twinkle and each petal of every rose is discernable.

Although Noott prefers to work exclusively in oils, his choice of subject matter is extensive and in 2003 he successfully produced a series that focused on the human form with the use of a female model Lara. Edward Noott is an artist who paints outdoors in the tradition of the British and French Impressionists – en plein air, directly recording and capturing the essence of the scene. The spontaneity that is achieved via this method is evident in the final work, which exudes an immediacy that is finely balanced against a subtle delicacy of detail.

“My satisfaction is winning the technical and emotional battles encountered in painting a picture which creates a feeling of harmony and optimism. Colour has become descriptive and less interpretive, light has become more solid.”

In 2003, Edward was a main prize-winner at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Autumn Exhibition and in 2004, won the Purchase Prize awarded by the University of Wales. Noott’s paintings are collected on an international scale, comprising significant public collections throughout Europe and America as well as the private collections of Lord Robertson (former chief of NATO) Sir Stanley and Lady Clarke and Lord Birdwood.