The Sun and the Southerly Wind

Oils on board
91.5 x 107 cm

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+64 9 308 9125

Moral: Persuasion is better than force.

An argument erupted between the Southerly Wind and the Sun over who was stronger, each claiming to be more powerful than the other. At last they agreed that their quarrel would be settled and victory conceded to whichever of them could make an approaching traveller abandon his coat. The Southerly Wind tried first. He blew violently, whirling down upon the man with an icy blast, whipping up the ends of his coat as though he would strip it from him. But the harder he blew, the more the man clutched his coat tightly about him as he battled on through the gale. Then it was the turn of the Sun. She shone moderately at first on the traveller, who loosened his coat and then unbuttoned it. Then the Sun began to shine with ever more brilliant beams, until the man was mopping his brow and loosening his tie. Finally, the Sun shone upon him with such scorching heat that at last, he threw off his coat.