The Village Wakes

Varnished pastel
68 x 105 cm

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+64 9 308 9125

Richard Adams creates idylls in his artworks. His work is known to have a signature style, with the addition of human forms in the form of strange characters that often levitate above the ground. His humour and fertile imagination seem to know no bounds.

Adams was born in Hampshire in 1960, but was brought up in the South Cotswold countryside, a landscape that has had a lasting influence on his work. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours at the Leicester Polytechnic and throughout his career has been awarded many art awards.

All Adams’ paintings are produced using chalk pastel and are then fixed and soaked in a special varnish that leaves an impervious surface. He has exhibited widely and regularly throughout London and elsewhere in Britain to great acclaim. Adams has also exhibited internationally in Sydney, Washington DC, Bremen, Madrid and Auckland.