Vessel for Sally with Kazakh Pear

Cast Glass
27 x 33 cm
Signed & dated 2021

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Artist Statement

“A year ago I was in Kazakhstan in the mountains of Almaty (where apples and pears originate). After eating and drawing this fruit, now it is here sculpted and cast in glass. This vessel is an ode to my mother, the warm sound of a spinning wheel, crochet and comfort within supple hands. Stories of far away places, the deliciousness of fresh fruit and the wonder of travel to Kazakhstan.

Glass casters in New Zealand predominantly use the lost wax technique. Here I have established a process of working without wax as a template. This will enable me to explore new ideas for imagery on the inside of my vessels and go up in scale. This work is the first example to test and prove my new theory.”

Layla Walter, 2021